The Otterhound Club of America
                Promoting, Protecting & Preserving the Breed Since 1960
Physical Description
The Otterhound is a large, strong breed with a considerable size range within the breed. Males are approximately 27 inches at the withers and weigh approximately 115 pound. Females are approximately 24 inches and weigh approximately 80 pounds.  This is not an absolute, but rather a guideline.  The Otterhound is slightly rectangular in body, has good substance with strongly boned legs and broad muscles.  The outer coat is dense, coarse and crisp, 2-4 inches in length, generally with a woolly, water repellent undercoat. The head is large, fairly narrow and well covered with hair. The ears, an essential feature of the breed, are long, pendulous, and folded, low set at or below the eye level. 

Otterhounds come in several different 
color combinations, with the most common being some variation on black and tan with grizzle markings, which frequently lighten as the dog matures to a light "blonde" with an ash blonde saddle.  

If you're trying to identify a dog in an animal shelter and you think might be an Otterhound, please read page "Is It an Otterhound ?".

For more details please refer to the complete AKC breed standard

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