The Otterhound Club of America
                Promoting, Protecting & Preserving the Breed Since 1960
Feeding & Exercise


What you feed an Otterhound depends on the dog and what you are doing with it. There are two things to consider. An Otterhound is large dog and will be more expensive to feed than a smaller dog. Some also may be prone to bloat - which may make multiple smaller meals a day preferable to one large meal. It's also possibly a bad idea to feed the dog immediately before or after vigorous exercise.


Otterhounds need and want a fair amount of exercise, particularly when young, so though you don't need a huge yard, you do need a fenced area for them, and if it isn't big, you'd better like long walks or dog jogging. Otterhounds are not good candidates for walking off leash. As with many other scent hounds, the desire to follow an interesting smell may overcome the desire to obey their owner, with potentially fatal consequences.

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