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Finding an Otterhound
If you decide that an Otterhound is really the dog for you, finding a puppy or an adult can prove to be quite challenging.

There are generally 4 to 7 litters born a year in the U.S. and Canada. Expect to be asked a lot of questions by any Otterhound breeder, and expect to wait a minimum of several months for a puppy. If you want an OH puppy, talk to breeders and find one you feel comfortable with, then tell them you'd like to be on the list of prospective homes for their next litter. The Otterhound Club of America maintains a 
list of breeders who are members of the Otterhound Club of America. 

If you're not sure, but think that an Otterhound might be a good addition to your family and you'd like to meet an Otterhound "in person", check with OHCA Breeder Referral or Rescue to find out who in your area has Otterhounds that you could meet. Most Otterhound breeders have more than one hound, as do many rescue volunteers, and most are happy to have people potentially interested in the breed come to meet their dogs. The Otterhound National Specialty held each fall and the Regional Specialty held each March in Louisville, KY are great opportunities to meet 30 or more Otterhounds and their people in one place.

Occasionally older Otterhounds need new homes. A few are rescues from shelters, some need new homes because of owner health problems or change in circumstances, some are retired show dogs or breeding stock. In adopting a mature dog you miss out on the fun of puppy antics, but you also miss out on the chewed shoes and furniture and the wet spots on the floor.

The Otterhound Club of America can refer you to Otterhound breeders or to the Rescue Coordinator in your area.

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