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Life with an Otterhound

The Otterhound standard says that the breed is "amiable, boisterous and even tempered". These are big  dogs with great sense of humor and friendly personality. Otterhounds are affectionate, but don't demand attention all the time. Left to their own devices, Otterhounds can be very good at entertaining themselves - but be warned that it may be in ways that you and your neighbors won't find acceptable, such as excavating or baying.

Otterhounds are good with other dogs and animals if they are raised with them or introduced to them properly. Many Otterhound owners have cats, and contrary to what some sources may lead you to believe, they usually get along well. Some Otterhounds live happily with parrots, horses and pigs. These hounds are quite willing to include two and four legged members of the household in their notion of the "pack". Otterhounds are good with kids, but a young Otterhound is big and likely to be klutzy and need supervision when in a company of a wobbly toddler or an elderly person.

Otterhounds benefit from a lot of socialization, especially when they're puppies, but continuing throughout their lives. So if you bring an Otterhound into your home, include it in your life!

Good with kids...

Like cats of all sizes...

... and pets of all kinds...

If you're thinking of sharing your life with an Otterhound, you need to find out as much as you can about what that really means before you make a commitment:
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