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Meet the Breed
So what is the special attraction of Otterhounds? For many, it's the great personality. You need a sense of humor to live with an Otterhound, but you'll be living with a dog that has a pronounced sense of humor of its own. Otterhound owners comment on the amount of laughter in their homes, most of it due to the resident shaggy-coated hound. These dogs can look noble, even mournful, but along the lines of the "class clown" trying very hard to be good. The standard says an Otterhound head shows great dignity; it doesn't point out that looks can be wildly deceiving! Think of the teacher or grandparent who you loved, very dignified in appearance, who had the heart of a joyful child, and you've glimpsed the Otterhound personality. 

To assess whether you could live happily with an Otterhound, ask yourself if you can love and perhaps admire an independent dog who will love you, but will not worship the ground you walk on. Most Otterhounds will greet you happily when you come home, but then are content to return to playing with their favorite toy or napping in the most comfortable spot in the house. 

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