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Tales of Hounds & Hunts

History and description of Otterhounds and otter hunting in books and publications. 

"Day on the Lune"

James Roslin-Williams writes of a day hunting otters on the River Lune and along the way illustrates some of the major points in the breed standard. The author's father was one of the last Masters of the Kendal & District Otter Hunt.

"Dogs and All About Them"

A history and description of Otterhounds and otter hunting excerpted from Robert Leighton's book "Dogs and All about Them". Originally published in 1910, this book came out at the peak of popularity for otter hunting.

   "An Otter Hunt in North Wales"

Magazine article from 1889 describing otter hunt with Geoffrey Hill's pack in West Denbighshire.

       "Team Otterhound" 

Otterhound owner Carol Stuart tells of training her hounds to pull a cart, then a sled. Written as a tribute to her lead dog, Snuffy, this story was a finalist in the Dog Writers Association of America's annual writing competition.

"Clinton Needs a Floppy-Eared Best Friend"

An editorial by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, and former president of NBC Michael Gartner, which is largely about his Otterhound, Finnegan.

  "Excerpts from Tarke the Otter"

Brief excerpts from "Tarka the Otter: His Joyful Water-Life and Death in the Country of the Two Rivers". You are warned that though Otterhounds appear repeatedly in this tale, they are the villains. This book, written in the 1920s by Henry Williamson, is available in many libraries and can be ordered through any bookstore. "Tarka" was made into a movie in the 1970s which has wonderful footage of the Kendal & District pack hunting, but the DVD is not available in a format that will play on most North American DVD players. You may be able to find a used VHS tape.

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